It is important to recognize the danger that bureaucracy can get in the way of doing cool things. This constitution is an attempt to provide the means to ensure that the guild can run smoothly and it should be invoked in compliance with the spirit of the guild.

Article 1: Guild Name and Purpose

1: Name

The guild name has not been finalised yet, so, as a placeholder, the name foss@bphc will be used in all documents referring to the guild. If and when a permanent name has been decided, this section shall be amended.

2: Purpose

The purpose of foss@bphc is to write and advocate free software, and to create a community of excellent programmers.

The guild shall take no 'official' stance on any political debates circulated among the open source community, and shall not place any constraints on the type of project and/or tools used to accomplish the tasks by the members.

This freedom is applicable as long as the project worked on by members of the guild, under the flag of the guild, and distributed by the guild should meet some acceptable definition of open source software.

Article 2: Membership

The guild has three main types of memberships to offer:

1. Active Membership

Active Membership is the default membership offered by the induction process to the student body of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus.

1. Selection

All currently enrolled students are eligible for becoming active members of the guild and can sit for bi-weekly inductions. A person shall be inducted into the guild only after passing a vote of more than 66% of the Core Members of the guild.

2. Expectations

All active members are expected to:

  1. Provide daily updates of the projects that they are working on.
  2. Be active on guild mailing list and Telegram Group.
  3. Complete tasks assigned to them on time.
  4. Attend all meets and coding sessions of the guild.
  5. Complete at least 1 project in an unfamiliar technology each semester.

If for some reason a member is unable to fulfill one of the above expectations, they are required to intimate at least one core member in advance of the problem.

3. Removal

Active members get three credits each semester. Failure to comply with the expectations would lead to deduction of one credit for each such event. If a member's credits reach 0, they shall be removed from the guild.

Should another cause for membership removal be raised, a member can be removed by a two thrids majority vote of Core Members, providing there is at least a week's notice of the vote.

2. Core Membership

Core members are the governing members of the guild in regards to decisions including but not limited to membership related issues, official representation of the guild, changes to the constitution and use of resources allocated to the guild. The core members shall act as a team of Benevolent Dictators.

1. Selection

Core Membership is offered only to Active Members of the guild. All core members have veto powers with regards to selection of new core members.

2. Expectations

In addition to their expectations as Active Members, Core Members are expected to:

  1. Distribute guild administration duties among themselves.
  2. Complete all administrative tasks on time.
  3. Be present for all votes.

If for some reason a Core Member is unable to fulfill one of the above expectations, they are required to intimate at least one other Core Member in advance of the problem.

3. Advisory Membership

Advisory Members are the goto persons for when there is something that the Guild cannot resolve on its own.

1. Selection

Advisory Membership is offered to ex-Core Members of the guild that have since ceased to be the members of the Student Body of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus.

2. Powers

Advisory Members can call a Guild Vote.

3. Removal

Advisory Members cannot be removed. However, they can leave the Guild if they so choose to.

Article 3: Guild Terminologies

Guild Vote

A vote on a Statement/Topic, that can be called by any member, Active or Advisory, that is passed by a 66% majority of all Active Members. If the right to call a Guild Vote is overused by a member, the Core Members can decide to revoke it particular member.

Guild Meet

A meeting of all Active Members called by one of the Core Members.

Guild Session

A meeting of all Active Members called by one of the Core Members where the members work on their respective projects and tasks.

Article 4: Amendment of Constitution

The Guild Constitution can be amended by a 66% majority vote of all Core Members. Frequent changes to the constitution are encouraged to attain stability - the state when the Constitution suits the working of the guild well.

1. Making Changes

All major changes shall be pushed to a github repository with the commit message Constitution Revision: <details of revision>. Minor changes like correction of spelling or grammatical errors should not be committed with such a message. Only commits matching the described format will be counted towards deeming stability of the constitution.

2. On Attaining Stability

The contitution shall be deemed stable if there have been no amendments for a period of 1 month. Content of Article 4 shall be replaced by the following text:

The Guild Constitution can be amended by a 66% majority vote of all Active Members called at least 1 week in advance.

Article 5: Initialisation

This Article defines the original state of the guild, before the first general inductions. This section should be removed after the constitution has been deemed stable as described in 3.2

Core Members

  1. Rohitt Vashishtha
  2. Nischay Ram Mamidi
  3. Kumar Prasun
  4. Arnav Dhamija

Active Members

  1. Srimantha Barua

Advisory Members

  1. Srijan Agarwal
  2. Naveen N Jafer